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Speaking abstractly, the Satsivi is a nutty sauce. With it can be pour any bird, fish, meat and vegetables. But, more specifically, Satsivi is a nutty sauce, ideal for turkey. And if you think about seriously, it would appear that there is no word in English language, which is broadcast to the true essence of this classic Georgian dish. There are about fifteen methods of prearation Satsivi. Here is a rare and ancient recipe for this Georgian dish.

You will need: Turkey (about 3 kg), 1 kg of peeled walnuts (for the average turkey requires 400-500 g), 5 tsp. dried cilantro, 1 tsp.Imeretian saffron 2 tsp. chili, dessert spoon of ground cinnamon and cloves, 6 cloves garlic, 1 medium onion, 6 egg yolks (for chicken - 4 egg yolks), salt and 1 tbsp. l. wine vinegar.

First, prepare the turkey: gut, wash, put in a large saucepan, cover with cold water and cook until tender. During cooking, skim with a slotted spoon. Then remove the turkey, put the pan breast down, lightly browned in the oven and cut into portions. It is best to remove all the bones from the turkey or leave only the large ones. Broth to cool.
Now proceed to cook the sauce directly satsivi.
Nuts mince twice. You can grind nuts and - in a wooden mortar and pestle is wood. In Georgia, in ancient times, grind nuts by hand, long, eight hours.

Add the crushed garlic, crushed nuts, saffron, dry coriander, cloves, cinnamon and red pepper, salt and mix well. Imeretian saffron is added for coloring. The remaining spices create a unique bouquet of classic satsivi.

Add to the mix the egg yolks and continue kneading. Mince the onion, add to the mixture and again mix thoroughly. Add the ingredients in this order: first the spice, then egg yolks and then - the bow.

Dilute the resulting mass is cooled down broth, and it should have the consistency of thick cream. As the mix, to a state of absolute uniformity. The exact desired amount of broth called impossible.As the saying goes, "take much." Just pour in gradually, continuing to stir.

Carefully strain the mass through a sieve and pour into pan.Repeat this manipulation 3-4 times, until the mixture into the pan becomes very similar to the liquid cream (almost sour). Discard solids. The best thing that could give nuts - namely, peanut butter, is already in the sauce.

Put the pan with the sauce on low heat and, stirring with a wooden spoon, bring to boil. In no case do not boil! Heat until the first bubbles

Once the sauce begins to boil, turn the heat off and put in a pot of turkey meat. It was at this moment is obtained by a combination of incomparable taste of walnuts and turkey. Classic satsivi traditionally prepared with turkey. But you can cook it with chicken, duck or goose.

Writing satsivi cool slightly, add the vinegar, salt and cool. The vinegar should be added to the already chilled dish, otherwise it will change color. If you pour the vinegar into the hot satsivi, it may turn black.

Satsivi fed exclusively to the table cold.

Also, be aware that the next day satsivi tastier. Do not forget to put on the table, fresh white bread, pita bread is better, red wine and fresh herbs - tarragon and cilantro.

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